Since 1907 we have ensured that our guests are fully satisfied.

In the earlier days, after extensive journeys it was the traveller who arrived by cart, carriage and even on foot who would relieve their aches and pains at the Gasthof.  Those were the good old days when even the beer was delivered by horse-drawn carriages.

Today it is the business person or vacationer who after a long day can sit back and relax.  The days worries are soon forgotten with a freshly drawn cold beer or a glass of locally made wine from the Thermenregion and a hearty meal of local and regional specialties.


 Our goal after almost 100 years has been to serve our guests to the best of our abilities.

 Our goal continues to be to serve our guests to the best of our abilities for at least the next 100 years.

 Yours truly,

 The Broschek Family